Saturday, July 8, 2017

What platform to choose for web developing?

Linux, and if I'm gonna pick a flavor I'd say Ubuntu.

Call me partial but I didn't start up here. As a hardcore Mac fan who then for a couple of years promoted Windows, only to go back to Apple in my late teens, to now finally settle for Linux and Ubuntu.

Here's some of my reasons:

1) It's free

MacOS and Windows costs money. And so does the tools for developing on it. Ever tried downloading a small add-on to Windows or Mac? It comes as shareware or trail apps that bloats your computer. Not so in Ubuntu. Find what you want and easily uninstall it if you like. That comes in very handy for developing purposes too. Who wants to pay for Adobe Creative Suite if you're mostly doing development? Then Ubuntu and GIMP makes perfect sense.

2) Google and Microsoft is doing it. And Apple in some way too.

For developing Google use Ubuntu with its own skin (and names it Goobuntu). Microsoft now includes Ubuntu in Windows to satisfy the growing need for a bash console etc since that what most developer needs with most servers running Linux. Apple built their MacOS on Unix which turned out to be a great platform both for development and a stable OS, hence my argument that Apple is somewhat using the platform for Linux (Minus L = unix).
Read more about Goobuntu here:

3) It teaches (and helps) you how to handle Linux servers

Not all servers run Linux but most do (read some of the reasons here: Making your way in Ubuntu or any other Linux distribution by moving files, installing and tweaking the OS will also give you an head start on setting up servers. And running Linux also simplifies your future communication with said servers.

4) Great tools are there

Check out our Development Tools package for a head start in the world of Ubuntu programming. Or if you keep installing your Ubuntu system and need to reinstall these apps a couple of times, this script will probably speed up that process.
1) Copy (Ctrl + C):
bash <(curl -s
2) Open a terminal (Ctrl + Alt + T)
3) Paste (Ctrl + Shift + V) and run (ENTER) and choose what tools you want

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